Yin & Yang Living's Mission

I created the Yin & Yang Living blog to promote spiritual and holistic living.  My late sister named Sun was my inspiration and motivation for Yin & Yang Living because I always say she died due to years of stress and unhappiness and cancer was just her manifested symptom.  I discovered through the divine synchronicity of the Universe  that in Chinese, the “yin” is the Moon and “yang” is the Sun, so I always say my late sister Sun and I are the “yin” and “yang,”  which is why the Yin & Yang Living logo is the crescent moon and round sun. Our shop is to operate Yin & Yang Living so we can continue to create videos with these higher messages, promoting spiritual and holistic living.  All of the products on the Yin & Yang Living shop is to help you come home to your Soul and to live spiritually and holistically.  Many blessings and namaste.

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